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Las criaturas nocturnas son símbolos de sabiduría interior, habilidades psíquicas e intuición. … Este símbolo se usa en monedas griegas y, por lo tanto, también está relacionado con la riqueza. Los nativos americanos atribuyeron la sabiduría y el conocimiento sagrado a los búhos.


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Throughout history, owls have been treated with fascination and wonder. We love the mystery and beauty of the owl.

If there is one type of bird that is historically important, it is the owl.

This nocturnal creature is full of mystery and wisdom. Owls have a large head with two large, sharp eyes, they have good eyesight and keen hearing. There are many types of this animal. Accustomed to the night, among some birds, they are secret and deadly hunters. There is no doubt that this is an animal that has amazed people since its history, that is why in Supercurioso we began to study the meaning of owls and bring you everything you need about this incredible animal. Information learned.
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The owl
There are more than 100 different species of owls and they can be found almost anywhere on the planet, including dry regions and forests or cold mountainous areas. The owl is one of those birds that knows how to adapt well to different environments, that is why where it will find food. Among the different types of owls, the horned owl (also known as the eagle owl) and the white owl stand out.
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Types of owl
In the history of mankind, owls have appeared in many legends and superstitions. An ancient Greek myth says that the owl of the Greek goddess Athena opened the goddess's eyes with truths that she did not possess. The goddess of wisdom always accompanies her owls, because in this way she can see everything. This is the relationship between the owl and the goddess On the coins of ancient Athens, there is a bust of Athena on one side and the image of an owl on the other
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What do owls represent

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